On Demand CFO Services
Small, growing companies are often the most in need of expert financial guidance, but do not find it cost-effective to hire a seasoned, full time CFO.   
Burkland Associates offers these companies part time CFO services, enabling senior management to meet or exceed their goals by utilizing our expert strategic planning, financial modeling, operations development and fundraising assistance.
Sharing passion for excellence, Burkland's team of proven professionals have experience in a wide variety of industries.
The services offered by Burkland Associates are tailored to suit the specific needs and budgets of each or our clients. Our services include:
"As the CEO of an early stage company, your primary focus should be figuring out product market fit and actually building the product. You donít want to be wasting hours every week on a never-ending list that includes paying bills, closing the books, quarterly reports to investors, putting new employees on payroll and sorting out insurance, he says.

There are many great firms out there that can provide outsourced CFO, HR or accounting services at a fair cost that will save you a lot of time.Ē  
-Jared Kim, Forbes Magazine Article, 2/20/14

"Burkland Associates is the CFO firm I work with." 
-Jared Kim
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